Michael D'Agostino

Drummer, vocalist and Songwriter

Blue Halo Effect

Posted on Apr 24, 2013

Blue Halo Effect

 In 2009, musicians David Biglin and Michael D’Agostino began a  songwriting collaboration that quickly developed into a multi-faceted musical partnership, ultimately named “Blue Halo Effect”. The duo has since completed a seven-song EP/CD, sscored the indie film “Sweet Lorraine” starring Tatum O’Neal and Steven Bauer; produced tracks for several indie artists, all while writing new songs for their next full-length BHE release. David handles the guitar and bass chores, Michael is the lead vocalist and drummer/percussionist. Both play keyboards and sing background vocals. Their shared vision is to make music of a cinematic scope, with no ties to a particular genre. Michael and David are currently expanding the ranks of the project in support of the February release and look forward to live dates in 2014 with a full band.

Blue Halo Effect’s first full length release has been getting international airplay. Available from bluehaloeffect.com, iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon amongst a host of other fine digital retail outlets.

www.bluehaloeffect.com, www.facebook.com/bluehaloeffect

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