Michael D'Agostino

Drummer, vocalist and Songwriter

On Listening

Posted on Sep 24, 2015

This morning as I sat outside,  quieting my mind from the parade of thoughts.  My attention was on listening to the natural soundfield that was present.  Not adding anything but just hearing.  Sounds emerged 360 degrees around me.  I was hearing the front field,  which ones were more left, right and then above and behind.  When the stream of thoughts subsided, I was left just “hearing”.  It was clear how much this can help in ones playing.  Listening more to the musicians as the running commentary fades.  Merging with the sound and getting inside it all.  Seems easy but for me a daily challenge that I’ll keep working on.  Just being aware of it.  Getting off the buss of guilt, comparisions, judgements,  criticisms and the whole lot.  It’s what meditation points to and each have to find for oneself.  Inner peace and calm that effects the outer in positive ways.  Inner space creates space in ones playing.

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