Michael D'Agostino

Drummer, vocalist and Songwriter

About Music

Posted on Oct 2, 2015

The instrument you are playing,  like a car, is meant to take you to a destination.  If you are traveling to Maine,  the car isn’t Maine,  it is a way of getting you there. The instrument we play isn’t the music, it’s what a musician uses to take the journey through the performance of any type of music. A musical score is not the music either. While playing an instrument we  interpret and give feeling and emotion to the music, composed or improvised.   Music is brought to life.

A map of Maine may look great, reading books and studying about Maine may gain you information. Yet the experience of any destination happens when we are there, in the present moment. Same with music. It happens in the moment. Not in some distance point in time. One may be able to speak most eloquently about music or a place to visit.   Words can’t substitute for the real thing.   Being invisible to our eyes also makes it way cool.

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