Michael D'Agostino

Drummer, vocalist and Songwriter


Drumstick/Broomhandle Fishing Lures

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Since as long as I can remember being near the water made me feel better.  Fresh or salt, river, lake, ocean or stream, it doesn’t matter.  It was natural for me to love fishing. Thanks to my dad for bringing me to the water.  I love the meditative quality of it. Reflective relaxing letting go space, in nature. I remember being in the backseat of my parents car and always looking out the window for any sign of water. Three lures I made way back when I was 15 or16 survived.  For the middle and bottom lures(see pic) I...

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Rhythm all around

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One wakes up and pours coffee, there is a rhythm to the arm motion of lifting the cup to your mouth and putting it down again. You load up the washing machine, here is a rhythm of motion as you walk to and from it to tend to the loading, unloading and folding. The watcher in you can take notice of it all, but many times we are so consumed with thoughts that we are only on the periphery of what is actually happening in the moment. The rain falls in a rhythm, the clouds part and the suns ray’s cause the grass to grow, which now needs mowing,...

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INNERrOUTe session/drumming footage

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featuring Rick Savage:trumpet, Joe Vincent Tranchina:keyboards, JP Heston:bass, Michael D’Agostino:drums. It has been an incredible journey jumping off cliffs with INNERrOUTe since 2009!

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Drumset improvisations

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Drumset improv 031817 by Michael...

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Drumset Improvisation 062516

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A free drumset improvisation by Michael D’Agostino, recorded on 062516

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Free Improvisations

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I built a studio in West Milford, NJ in 1998, and hosted many improvisation sessions over the years.  Here are two improvisations I recently found featuring Bob Magnuson:sax,  Rick Savage:trumpet, Tony Cimorosi:NS upright bass and Michael D’Agostino:drums. I always had a good time playing with these cats.

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drumset improvisation 050416

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Here’s a short drumset improvisation, morphing one rhythm into the next,  pushing/pulling the time over a steady...

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Manny’s Music Store/NYC Life in the 1980’s

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I worked at Manny’s Music store, 156 West 48th St, in New York City in the early 1980’s. It was a different world in music retail then today. It was a college of life for me. Having just finished a year at SUNY Fredonia and a year at the Crane School of Music, SUNY Potsdam as a Percussion Major and many years working on a farm in between school  before that. At Manny’s, not only did I learn a wealth of information about drums and the recording studio, I was learning social skills, dealing with so many people in the busiest music...

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Recording of Michael(age11) singing, unearthed

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Preparing for an upcoming move,  I found some old cassette tapes, that to my surprise, still played.  My parents bought me a Lloyds cassette recorder when I was 10.  This A Capella recording of me singing “Hopelessly Devoted to You”, before my voice changed, was hidden on one of those tapes. 

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