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Stanley Jordan and Friends

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The week after 9/11 was beyond strange. The country was in shock at what happened. Airspace was shut down. First time I never heard a plane overhead all day let alone the week.  I saw a tee shirt that showed a nuclear explosion going off as a women was running yelling “My Career”.  How can one think about one’s personal stuff when this was going on and so many lives were effected forever.

I was scheduled to fly to San Francisco to play drums with Stanley Jordan, Kai Eckhardt for a Music in Schools Today concert on 9/15.  Jamming with Mickey Hart and the whole crew at the close of the night would have made this an amazing evening.  But it never happened.  Stanley was in NY and they would not let him carry his guitar on the plane.  I spoke with him on 9/12 and he was intent on staying in NY to see how he could help.  I did play percussion on Stanley’s Arista records release “Bolero” and was really looking forward to this show.  I hope we connect again in the future.


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