Michael D'Agostino

Drummer, vocalist and Songwriter

Found Objects: Crystals/Fossils/Indian Artifacts

While hiking the woods in Northern New Jersey for the past 17 years, here are some of the crystals, fossils, artifacts and rocks found on those travels. On many hikes I would carry a frame drum and work on rhythms, singing and improvising, my steps keeping time like a metronome.  Free to wander and explore the forest, I would stop at anything out of the ordinary that was worthy of examining.

Striped rocks, “Water Stones” (image 1) With endless arrangements possible, cascading waterfalls into streams, the tactile feel while moving the rocks has a Zen-like meditative effect.

Iron Wedges/Log Splitters (row 4 image 3) Northern NJ’s Iron Furnaces from the 1700-1800’s needed lot’s of wood to fire em. I found these three one afternoon, a small piece of iron was visible and as I dug it out the other two were next to it.

New Jersey was covered in ocean millions of years ago.  Seashell imprints in limestone are reminders of that time (row 7 images 3-6, row 8 images 1-6).  Many local rivers and streams yield Indian artifacts, dinosaur bone and shark teeth.