Michael D'Agostino

Drummer, vocalist and Songwriter




“INNERrOUTe  is a quartet which remains deeply rooted in jazzwhile creating, often genre-bending,  journeys in free improv, touching rarely experienced emotionally beautiful realms.”
For more information please visit: www.innerroute.net


Members: Rick Savage • trumpet, fluglehorn, Michael D’Agostino • drums, percussion, audio engineering Joe Vincent Tranchina • piano, keyboards, Bill McCrossen •

Sounds Like: Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis Second Great Quintet, Keith Jarrett, Kenny Wheeler

Label: Planet Arts Records www.planetarts.org



INNERrOUTe, as the name implies, takes a mapless journey, peeling back layer upon layer of mental and emotional distraction, revealing an ever emerging and deepening collective connection. Musical architects exploring uncharted musical terrain, leading by listening, following hunches that open doors to new vistas that turn, dissolve and morph on a dime. Someone might take the lead and forge a new direction, which everyone responds to with telepathic immediacy. All seasoned players, there’s no need to list credits here, it’s not about that with this band. Healing brothers, we come together as a conduit for and to an invisible realm.  This recording is the result of an evening of spontaneous improvisation captured in the studio on the magical evening on January 24, 2011, one evening together with no discussion, no rehearsal, no overdubbing, just creative listening: listening for an opening, an invitation for the magic to happen, allowing the music to tell us what it desires. Often times after a session, the air is filled with such electricity and energy that it feels as if ancestral guiding spirits are present, or a collective force, a 5th element, has been created in the center of our circle. Such was the case the night we recorded FOURMATION, the music you are about to experience. So dim the lights, shut off the cell, kick back and join us for a genre bending musical journey on the INNERrOUTe.

“If you build it, they will come”, the studio of dreams that is.  After moving to West Milford, New Jersey, following 14 years in New York City, build it is just what Michael D’Agostino did, and come they did! One key day, Michael amusingly recalls, upon mentioning being a musician but not knowing any others in the area, a UPS delivery person put him in touch with a saxophonist who lived down the block. UPS! Within a few months, he was beginning to see just how many great players there were in the area. Over the next 10 years, countless free improvisation sessions were held in Michael’s studio. However, the evening when the quartet consisting of Rick Savage, Joe Vincent Tranchina, Bill McCrossen and Michael D’Agostino played for the first time, they all felt something remarkable was happening. Meeting regularly over the next few years, their connection grew both musically and personally. Their first self-titled release, INNERrOUTe, was the culmination of those years. After a period of favorable reviews, gigging and a live radio performance on WKCR in NYC, the band ventured back into the studio to stretch the boundaries of their growing collective improvisational skills. Accordingly, what is now FOURMATION is a slice of one night’s music in the life of INNERrOUTe. “Every time we get together, it’s to get out of the way, allowing a whole new fount of ideas to flow through us, never the same: that’s the beauty of our music ”