Michael D'Agostino

Drummer, vocalist and Songwriter


Relationship, seems to be a key component of my lyrics. I am humbled by the process, as so many seeds that have turned into songs seem to come out of nowhere. But the work for me has been in evolving the song to completion. Even after deemed finished and recorded, I am seeing that there is a life of it’s own independent of what my mind might what to believe. I have seen lyrics, chords and structure all evolve even after a piece has been released.

Michael D’Agostino: vocals, piano, drums, percussion,keyboards, engineering
John Ginty:hammond organ(only love)
Jeff Ciampa:electric guitar(only love)
Nick Planner:electric guitar(only love)
Rick Savage:trumpet and flugelhorn(only love)
Robert Kopec:Upright Bass(the distance, sarah lane)


MD Sings 5 croppedDSC03507 tweaked 1

 MD sings, Rockburn tweaked 1a