Michael D'Agostino

Drummer, vocalist and Songwriter





INNERrOUTe’s 2nd full length release on the Planet Arts Label

Produced by Michael D’Agostino, Rick Savage, Joe Vincent Tranchina & Bill McCrossen. Recording/Mixing/Mastering by Michael D’Agostino. Additional Mastering by Ed Littman, Ed Littman Mastering. Rick Savage:trumpet and flugelhorn, Joe Vincnet Tranchina:keyboard, Bill McCrosseen:bass & Michael D’Agostino:drums and percussion

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Sacred Shadow:Composer/Produced by Michael D’Agostino and Rick Savage

Rick Savage:Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Syntesizer, Programming

Michael D’Agostino:Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Piano, Synthesizer, Programming

Engineered/Mastered by Michael D’Agostino

 “​From the first time that Michael & Rick met & played music together, both acknowledged that music had “saved their lives”……meaning that difficult childhoods had necessitated some improvised salvation…..fortunately music entered both their lives & became a central & balancing force. Many hours of this balancing force was apparently necessary, & two fine professional musicians embarked on fruitful careers! Their partnership remains easy, natural & soothing. Enjoy Sacred Shadow! For more info please visit:sacredshadow.net




INNERrOUTe  self-titled first release, CD/Digital Download

Produced by Michael D’Agostino, Joe Vincent Tranchina, Rick Savage & Bill McCrossen. Recording and mixing engineer Michael D’Agostino, recorded at Intuitive Music Studio. Mixed by Michael D’Agostino, Rick Savage, Joe Vincent Tranchina, & Bill McCrossen. Mastered by Michael D’Agostino, Intuitive Music Studio and Ed Littman, Ed Littman Mastering. Rick Savage trumpet & flugelhorn, Joe Vincent Tranchina keyboard, Bill McCrossen bass & Michael D’Agostino drums.

The Free-Improv band’s first recording: INNERrOUTe remains deeply rooted in jazz, while creating genre-bending journeys in free improv, touching rarely experienced and emotionally beautiful realms.

Available at www.innerroute.net or CD Baby, iTunes and many other outlets, and digital download sites. Please check it out.

Blue Halo Effect self-titled release, CD/Digital Download

Produced by Michael D’Agostino and David Biglin.  Michael D’Agostino:lead vocal, drums , percussion and keyboards. David Biglin:keyboards, guitar, bass, background vocals. Sarah Larson:french horn

Recorded by Michael D’Agostino. French Horn recorded by Max Holland at The Production Plant, NYC

Mastered by Jay Messina

Available at CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes and many other fine ditial outlets.